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Founded in Redondo Beach, California, See Sea is committed to making waterproof jewelry a daily habit for everyone. Packed and shipped from the golden coasts of southern California, our team prides itself in serving our community with modern, luxurious and yet affordable jewelry that will not tarnish nor wear off over time. 

The founders are a couple living in Southern California. When they decided to follow an inspiration and build See Sea together,  they've made a commitment that they will love See Sea just as much as loving each other. They believe that jewelry is the wearers’ statements that reflect their lifestyle and aspirations. See Sea’s design and theme are carefully chosen to meet these statements from our customers. We work relentlessly to bring the every-day piece that you can confidently wear today and tomorrow, and bring the Californian shine to your look.



All our products use surgical stainless steel or better as the base material with a thick layer of gold, rose gold or platinum. And yet, we keep our prices fair as we exclude the traditional markups in our business operation. 99% of our products are 18k gold PVD plated, while retail and other bigger brands tend to sell at a 3-4 times higher pricing. All our pieces are carefully and rigorously crafted, examined and packaged by our team before they are delivered to you. 

South Bay, CA



At See Sea, we believe in sincerity and transparency. We always aim to serve our customers above and beyond. Our items are meticulously crafted, chosen and treated, and our belief is that honest efforts will translate into value for you, the customer.


See Sea is eco-conscious and we prioritize the health of our planet and our oceans. All of See Sea’s waterproof and stainless steel materials are 100% recyclable and all of our packaging materials are recyclable and bio-degradable. 

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