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Precious Connections: A Mother and Daughter Interview on Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts

As Mother's Day approaches, we often find ourselves reflecting on the special bond between mothers and daughters and the cherished traditions that accompany this heartfelt celebration. One such tradition that holds significant meaning is the exchange of gifts, where daughters express their love and appreciation for their mothers through thoughtful tokens of affection. Among these gifts, jewelry stands out as a timeless symbol of love, beauty, and enduring connection.

In this exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Danielle and Marilyn and were able to ask them about their thoughts regarding gifting jewelry for this special day.

As mother and daughter, how do you feel about the symbolic significance of jewelry in

celebrating Mother’s Day?

Danielle: I always love it when my mom picks out jewelry for me because then I feel like I’m wearing a bit of her spirit with me when it’s on. It makes me reminded how much she loves and cares for me. I also like to buy jewelry for her, as she doesn’t like receiving big gifts and jewelry is something she appreciates, but I do have to work hard to think of her tastes, she can be pretty picky!

Marilyn: I don’t wear much jewelry on an everyday basis because I am a gardener. But for special occasions, I go to my jewelry box and pull out something beautiful, minimalist, fine necklaces and some dangling earrings. I love to include holiday jewelry, something saying "mom" or "mother" on it is treasured beyond all else.

What suggestions would you like to give to people who are looking for gifts for mom/daughter?

Danielle: I think my mom has figured out my tastes by now, but the color and metal is really important. I feel I look best in gold and warm metal tones over cool silver tones. For necklaces the size and length is important. Some people like bold, chunky statement necklaces, or long chains. I really like delicate pieces with shorter length, I know my mom likes things that are simple, and subtle that she can wear every day that goes with everything.

Marilyn: Give your daughter what she wants, not what she needs. It’s a lovely day to celebrate her intimidatingly. Does she like music... go for it. If you can find something lovely that expresses love for your daughter, buy that! She will definitely wear it on Mother’s day.

In your opinion, how does the design and style of jewelry evolve to suit the changing dynamics

between a mother and daughter as they grow together?

Danielle: Different jewelry for different times & life - my mom is more willing to experiment now than before, and I used to be more interested in statement, trendy pieces, whereas now I like streamlined, delicate jewelry that I can also transition from work to going out at night. I think it’s really sweet when my mom gets me jewelry that reflects her awareness of what I am. Focusing on in my life, like a new job, or a special occasion. For her I try to encourage her to take some risks now, maybe with something a little more bold & exciting. Marilyn: I like delicate designs, but that doesn’t mean it has to be tiny. I would enjoy matching jewelry for Mother’s Day; the mother’s form for the daughter and the daughter’s form for her. We both wear earrings and necklaces. Does more jewelry express more love? No, but the love you feel when you wear the jewelry on that special occasion attaches to the jewelry and it becomes a favorite piece.

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